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Google Maps Updated With Ski Run Maps On Both Android And iOS

Frequent skiers are in for a treat: Google Maps now has maps for 38 most popular ski runs in the US, complete with all the different runs and lifts. To access these maps, you simply open your Google Maps app on your Android or iOS device. They’re already there, no app update required. This will be useful for those who don’t have a map on hand or want to… Read more

Mexico Gets Turn By Turn Navigation Courtesy Of Google Maps

After a while of uncertainty about the state of navigation in Mexico, Google finally added it to the list of supported countries. Now those who are in Mexico can take advantage of Google’s fantastic turn by turn navigation built into their Android phones. While Mexico still doesn’t have piblic transit built into Maps, this is a huge step forward, and… Read more

Google showcases its mapping prowess with additional 45-degree 3D views and high-res satellite imagery

Moments after Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an open letter apologizing over the ineffectiveness of its Maps app, ultimately recommending alternatives such as Google Maps web app, Google decided to make an announcement of its own. The search giant went ahead this morning and highlighted some improvements it is making to its maps offering – discussing high… Read more

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admits iOS 6 Maps app not up to company standards – suggests alternatives like Google Maps

Following the launch of iOS 6, Apple has been taking heavy criticism from its customers pertaining to the buggy and incomplete nature of its new Maps app. While Apple has been doing their best to make timely updates in an effort to improve the product, the issues are coming in too quickly and are far too frequent. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has published… Read more

Get an Inside Look As To How Google Maps Is Made

Often we use Google Maps on a daily basis with no idea as to how Google was able to develop this massive database we’ve come to love. Well The Atlantic had the opportunity to get a inside look at Google’s “Ground Truth” project and has given it’s readers a behind the scenes insight. The Google project is an attempt to build the most accurate maps… Read more

TomTom Says Android Navigation App Coming In October

TomTom is set to preview it’s future Android navigation app this week at the IFA trade show in Berlin. TomTom says the app will arrive in October offering navigation, traffic and a host of other features in the hopes of bringing users away from Google’s own bundled navigation app. The key factor here will be TomTom’s price and what it can… Read more

Google Adds NYC Subway Alerts to Google Maps

Google has begun reaching out to the over 200 million people who use the Big Apple’s subway system each year. Google is looking to alleviate some of the headache that comes with this form of transportation. Now Google Maps will show alerts if the train you’re waiting on is skipping stops, not running at all or even rerouted. In addition, Google Maps… Read more