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iOS 6 Is Apple’s Biggest Disappointment, Has Android Won?

Today was a big day for Apple, a major player in the tech world. It was the beginning of their annual developer conference, known as WWDC. It was kicked off with a keynote, and among the announcements were a refresh of the MacBook line (along with the reveal of the new MacBook Pro – I want that thing so much, even if I need to sell a kidney), talk about… Read more

Google Maps Car Gets In Accident, More Than A Few Scratches

Google Maps has always been the magical service that allows people to stalk find specific addresses and proceed to see them in street view. Seeing one of Google’s photo-taking Street View cars isn’t exactly a rarity these days, but how dangerous is driving one of the vehicles? The car above was spotted, and it’s not in too good of shape. We just hope no… Read more

Google Maps App Updated With “Critical Bug Fix,” Download Now

If you’re a Google Maps user, you’d best head over to the apps list and perform the “critical bug fix” update. We’re not sure what the issue is, but it appears to affect both phones and tablets, as the update appears to be available for Honeycomb tablets as well. The new Maps version 5.6.1 offers only a single bullet point in the update list, “includes a… Read more

Google Maps 6.5 for Android released to focus on new Navigation look for Ice Cream Sandwich devices

Google has taken it upon themselves to update Google Maps again, this time with the focus to support the latest version of Android, along with high-end devices with sharp displays. This newest update will bring a new Navigation look to devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, making it easier to enter in new destinations and get to where you are… Read more

French court charges Google for market dominance with Maps

The French judicial system has found Google guilty of using its market dominance to destroy smaller competitors with Google Maps. In simpler terms, when Google launched Maps it had a default base market that others couldn’t compete with, and they now have to pay. €500,000 will go to Google Maps competitor Bottin Cartographs, and another €15,000 fine…. Read more

British Telecom sues Google over Android and other services

Earlier this morning it became known that British Telecom had taken a huge step and sued Google not only over Android, but also services such as Google+, Google Music, and other services offered up by the search giant. British Telecom is doing this based on a belief that these services infringe on six patents owned by BT. The telecom is seeking quite a bit… Read more

Google Maps 6.0 lands in the Android Market

Google Maps keeps getting better and better. Now that the search giant’s mapping service is able to tackle the great outdoors, Google is turning things inward. With Google Maps 6.0, which has recently become available in the Android Market, you now get access to indoor navigation. While that’s great news, the feature is being “staggered” in a way, with the… Read more

Google Maps updated to version 5.12.0

Google Maps is one of those applications on your phone that you know is going to get an update pretty regularly, and thankfully the updates are usually worth it. For example, this latest update, which brings the Map applications to version 5.12.0, not only removes a feature that some people were having problems with, but also adds a new element to the… Read more