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Google now lets you check the weather in Maps

Let’s start by saying that this cool new feature to Maps isn’t available on a mobile device quite yet (or ever). Google has unveiled the brand new layer to Maps, known as the weather layer, and it does pretty much what you might expect. Using the layer, you’ll be able to tell the weather for anywhere on the planet, which means if you’re planning a road trip… Read more

London Underground routes by Google Maps

Google announced today that Google Maps now offers public transport directions for London’s underground subway system. Searching for your destination and selecting the transit option will provide a map with the route highlighted and a list of transfers and trains. And for those running Android devices, the beta Transit Navigation service is available,… Read more

Google Maps for mobile browsers updated

Not everyone has access to a dedicated Maps application on their phone or tablet, and while Google works towards dominance on every platform, a uniform mobile browser experience for Maps is a great solution. The maps.google.com site asks users to opt-in for location sharing, which will facilitate many of the features those of us with a dedicated Maps… Read more

Google Maps breaks 50M downloads

Of all the apps on the Android Market to first break the 50,000,000 download mark, Google Maps has finally done it. If you’re a fan — or hater for that matter — of Android, there’s no denying that Google Maps is one of the very best apps you can download for the platform. Not only does Google Maps provide a comprehensive GPS-based look at the… Read more

Google Maps at SXSW

Every year at SXSW, technology-based companies tend to give speeches and share facts about how they fit into the modern world. This year, Google’s VP of Location and Local Services, Marissa Mayer, shared some interesting facts about Google Maps and navigation. According to BGR, Mayer boasted over 150 million Google Maps users on mobile platforms… Read more

Google Maps adds traffic detour support

Announced today, Google has added yet another marvelous feature to it’s already insanely popular Google Maps app for Android: Google Maps Navigation rerouting based on current and historical traffic conditions. You’ve always been able to change your directions based on things like taking the shortest route or the highway only, and change your mode of… Read more

Google kills real estate and rental listings in Google Maps

(Image via Curbed.) This news is a bit old. I didn’t realize that Google removed their ultra-handy real estate and rental listings from Google Maps on February 10th, when it happened, because I’m not constantly looking for a new place to live. (I don’t always move, but when I do, I use Google Maps.) Today, I wanted to check some prices in a… Read more

Google Street View: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

They’re coming to get you Barbara… there’s one of them now! Tumblr user WONDER-TONIC has whipped up an “extremely experimental” little game using Google Street View that’ll have you running for your life from hoards of the undead. The way it works is fairly simple: head on over to the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE page, where you can either enter your address… Read more