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Send a valentines day e-card with lovey-dovey geolocation

Woops. You totally spaced Valentine’s Day and you just realized why your significant other has been a bit cold and quiet for the last several hours. Well, it’s still not too late to pretend that you had long-standing dinner reservations or to grab a gift basket with some flowers. And now that he or she has headed off to work or school, convinced that… Read more

Google Maps sees new 45 degree images for 10 cities

Google Maps is starting to see more and more features that used to be the jurisdiction of Google Earth, like the recently added feature of 3D buildings. As easy as it is to take these developments for granted, it’s just amazing what we can take with us in our pockets these days. Before long, Maps might feature something we saw in Google Earth over the last… Read more

It’s almost time to track Santa’s flight around the globe

It’s fairly common knowledge that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s blitz around the planet with his gravity defying reindeer for decades. But do you know how the whole thing started? Brian McClendon, “Original Google Engineering Elf” establishes the back story over at the Lat Long Blog: NORAD (North… Read more

Google Maps: old vs. new

Google’s update of their ubiquitous Maps application to version 5.0 brings a host of new features that make the software more friendly, functional, and downright awesome. And aside from 3D buildings and Hotpot integrations, the biggest change comes in the form of vector graphics. Not only do vector graphics ensure clarity and consistent image while zooming,… Read more

Google Maps 5 available for download now

The new Google Maps v5 that has been previewed recently featuring 3D viewing angles and offline mode is available for download now. Some of the new features mentioned: “Tilting: Drag down with two fingers to tilt the map. Tilt while zoomed in on one of the 100+ cities around the world with 3D buildings to see a skyline spring to life. Rotating:… Read more

Video: Motorola tablet running Honeycomb and Maps 5.0

Andy Rubin let loose some great information on upcoming products at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile conference last night. During his interview, he whipped out a dual-core Motorola tablet with NVidia 3D (no name was given, though Stingray seems a likely bet) and it was running Honeycomb, the next major Android release. Rubin used the slick tablet–sans… Read more

Google Maps 4.4 Update: Places (Video)

So it seems that I am a little late on this one, so you can read everything you could ever want about this app over at Dustin Earley’s post here, but I thought that a little video review was in order. I have used this application a ton since the update, and since the update was only about a day ago, that’s saying a lot. Enjoy the… Read more

Google Maps 4.4; Introducing “Places”

Google has just released version 4.4 of their wildly popular Maps app with yet another new feature making your device that much more useful: Places. Like the recently added Navigation, Places will include it’s own icon and allows you to browse nearby businesses in different categories, or search for a more specific establishment. Default categories include… Read more

Google Maps gets updated; Latitude, ratings, etc.

Google sure is spoiling us today. Not only did Voice get all opened up, Google Maps got an update to 4.3. What does the update include? Latitude suggests friends Transit station pages show next departures See ratings for aspects about a place such as service or atmosphere And of course, there is still everything else you’ve come to know and love… Read more