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Google launches Music Beta

Here we go, folks. Google’s cloud-based music service is now accepting invitation requests. Go to the Google Music invite page while signed into your Google account, and you’ll get a “thanks for your interest” message, which will eventually be followed up by an invitation in your email. Check out Google Music’s about page for some screenshots and the… Read more

Google Music is only a hack away

According to loose timelines and rumor mills, we should have already seen Google’s cloud syncing answer to music storage. Talks of the service first picked up several months ago, and officially, we’ve still year to hear a thing. Unofficially, it’s ready to go. According to XDA user WhiteWidows, when using the Honeycomb music player on a CyanogenMod 2.3.3… Read more

Google’s Honeycomb event: What can we expect?

It seems like just yesterday Google released Gingerbread, well that was almost two months ago – that’s years in Google Time. Google will be officially unveiling Android’s latest version – Honeycomb – this Wednesday, at a press event in their Mountain View campus. The event starts at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST and will be streamed live on YouTube at… Read more

Google Music sync coming with Android 2.4

While I still think the creation of an Android fork could be confusing for consumers and a harbinger of further fragmentation in the world of Android devices, there is one aspect of Android 2.4 that I would love to see on hot new phones like Samsung’s Nexus S, ASAP, regardless of version conventions: Google Music Sync. We’ve been hearing hints about… Read more

Google Music coming by Christmas

Ever since Google IO, whispers of Google Music and when the service will go active have been getting louder as time goes on. Reuters now has word that Google Music will (hopefully) be up and running by Christmas. The only problem hindering the process is Google’s lack of deals with record labels. Fret not though music lovers, record execs that are… Read more