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Google Maps 6.5 for Android released to focus on new Navigation look for Ice Cream Sandwich devices

Google has taken it upon themselves to update Google Maps again, this time with the focus to support the latest version of Android, along with high-end devices with sharp displays. This newest update will bring a new Navigation look to devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, making it easier to enter in new destinations and get to where you are… Read more

Google Maps at SXSW

Every year at SXSW, technology-based companies tend to give speeches and share facts about how they fit into the modern world. This year, Google’s VP of Location and Local Services, Marissa Mayer, shared some interesting facts about Google Maps and navigation. According to BGR, Mayer boasted over 150 million Google Maps users on mobile platforms… Read more

Google Maps adds traffic detour support

Announced today, Google has added yet another marvelous feature to it’s already insanely popular Google Maps app for Android: Google Maps Navigation rerouting based on current and historical traffic conditions. You’ve always been able to change your directions based on things like taking the shortest route or the highway only, and change your mode of… Read more

Google Maps gets updated; Latitude, ratings, etc.

Google sure is spoiling us today. Not only did Voice get all opened up, Google Maps got an update to 4.3. What does the update include? Latitude suggests friends Transit station pages show next departures See ratings for aspects about a place such as service or atmosphere And of course, there is still everything else you’ve come to know and love… Read more

1.6 and Google Navigation

Many of you know that Google Maps with navigation is now available to Android devices running version 1.6 – Donut. But for those who share the same days off as I do, here’s the lowdown: Google Nav on 1.6 does not allow voice commands such as “navigate to.” However, as explained at the Google Mobile Blog, you can create shortcuts on your homescreen… Read more

Google Nav on the G1

Serious tinkerers can get the Droid exclusive, Google Navigation, right now. The rest of us can wait for what will likely be a short period of time before some clever chef makes Google Nav available to everyone with a rooted G1, via cooked ROM. Seriously though, aren’t all G1′s rooted now? Via… Read more