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Samsung Galaxy S to receive Gingerbread after all?

At least one Samsung rep is responding to yesterday’s confusion regarding the bump of Sammy’s Galaxy S phones to Android version 2.3. It’s just a tweet, casually sent through Samsung Mobile India’s Twitter account, but it’s something: As Dustin pointed out yesterday, it only stands to reason that the already released Galaxy S devices (Vibrant,… Read more

Google Nexus S Challenge = FREE FONEZ!!1!

Are you following @googlenexus on Twitter? You should be. They are giving away one Nexus S per day until December 16th. The googlenexus twitter account is sending out links and hints to puzzles, hidden content, etc., and the first person to reply with the correct solution to each challenge gets a free phone! It all started yesterday with a link to the… Read more

Video: Nexus S highlights

Are you tired of news about Samsung’s upcoming Google Nexus S phone? Me neither, and while there’s no new information in the promo spot embedded below, it’s interesting to see a television-compatible commercial (32 seconds) for the device launch on the official Google Nexus YouTube channel. I’ve got to admit, the hype is proving effective for… Read more

Video: Introducing Nexus S

Nexus S. Gingerbread. Those are the words of the day today, as Google unleashes a host of major announcements in a coordinated holiday attack. The Nexus S was developed in cooperation by Google and Samsung to deliver the best Android experience out there, and includes trendsetting features such as near field communications and curved glass. Other… Read more

Google introduces Nexus S with Gingerbread!

Contoured glass, near field communications, and a blazing fast “pure Google experience,” are some of the features Google is pointing out in the official unveiling of their Samsung Nexus S device, for which a product page has been launched (Nexus S). Despite a ridiculous flood of Nexus S leaks leading up to the launch, it appears there is a thing or two… Read more