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Google Search Updated With Google Now Widget And More

It looks like there is another update to Google Search (Google Now on Jelly Bean devices). This update is only for Jelly Bean 4.1 and up and includes new features for Google Now. The biggest one is the new widget that you can place on both your home screen and lock screen (on 4.2). There are also movie ratings and movie passes from Fandango. Here is a… Read more

Google Support Page Outs Google Now Widget

Google now is slowly, or even possibly quickly for some of you that are just getting your hands on Jelly Bean, becoming a big part of our Android experience.  I know I couldn’t wait to have Google Now and worked hard to get Google Now working on my Epic 4G Touch running ICS.  Before, I never used to put addresses in with my calendar events, but now… Read more

Google Now Allows Manually Adding Basketball NCAA Teams

A while ago, we reported that Google Now was showing NCAA team scores. It was very limited, only showing score cards without letting you add teams. Today, it seems that Google Now will allow you to add college basketball teams manually, so it will show their cards without search queries. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations. First, women’s… Read more

Google’s Nexus 4 Ad Details The Wonders Of Google Now

Google aired its first US prime time TV commercial for the Nexus 4. The advertisement aired during the commercial breaks for the Grammy Awards. While the advertisement showcased the Nexus 4, it emphasized mostly on Google’s latest feature, ‘Google Now’ and the wonders of having all the information you need at the moment you need them. Google Now… Read more

Canadian RAZR HD LTE Devices Getting Jelly Bean Update

Motorola is on a roll today with these updates. Not only is the Motorola Electrify M getting a Jelly Bean update today, but the Canadian Motorola RAZR HD LTE is too. If you own one of these devices, go into Settings > About phone > Software updates to check for that Jelly Bean goodness! With the new 4.1 update, you get the standard Google stuff like… Read more

Motorola Rolling Jelly Bean Out To The RAZR i In The UK

The Motorola RAZR i isn’t updated quite as fast as its ARM-based brother, the DROID RAZR M, but it’s getting there. The Jelly Bean update for the RAZR i was released in France recently, and it’s the UK’s turn today. The update includes all the standard Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now, Project Butter, expandable notifications, and improvements all… Read more

Google Celebrates Inauguration Day With Amazing Ad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FyJZqHyKKIw This one is seriously a gem. Google’s new ad celebrates inauguration day by showing the power of Google Search to instantly find information about a not so well known former President of the United States. In the commercial, a mother makes her daughter a costume of Martin Van Buren, and… Read more