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Rogers One X Getting Jelly Bean Update With Sense 4+

The HTC One X has been getting a Jelly Bean rollout around the world for a while now, but some of us are still waiting patiently. Luckily, Rogers is rolling the update out to their One X users today. Weighing in at a hefty 635MB, you’ll be getting an entirely new Android version and a slightly improved Sense version (from Sense 4 to Sense 4+). While… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III Officially Getting Jelly Bean Tomorrow

Verizon may be the last of the big four carriers to announce their Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update, but it’s finally here. Their Galaxy S III will be getting the update tomorrow, and will roll out over the next week or so. With Jelly Bean, you get Project Butter (which makes a good difference in UI smoothness), Google Now, expandable notifications,… Read more

Google Now Is Making Its Way To The Desktop

Google appears to be working on bringing Android’s Google Now app to our desktops. The information was leaked through a recent code revision, revision 171868, on the Chronium project. The revision stated that there is a ‘skeleton’ framework for showing Google Now cards via the Google Chrome browser. The project is still in its early stages, but when the… Read more

Android 4.2 Rumors Start To Heat Up, What Do You Want To See?

The following post has enough unconfirmed information to call for a well emphasized “rumor” warning to everyone before reading, but we’re confident enough in our friends at Androidandme to say that there is probably some truth to what they’ve uncovered in Android 4.2, Google’s next-generation of Android. First things first, comes word about a new… Read more

Google Now Gets An Update To Include Movie Showtimes, Public Alerts, And Sports Updates In Real Time

For those who currently have Jelly Bean on their device, a nice update to Google Now has just been released in the Play Store. This latest update brings in a whole host of new features such as movie features so you can look up showtimes and buy tickets and it will also give you notifications about movies when it thinks you need them. Another addition is… Read more