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Google Play Music Update Offers Better Bandwidth Management

With everything moving to the cloud, people have been quickly transitioning to streaming music instead of keeping it locally. While I’m still old fashioned and keep it on a microSD card, I know a lot of people who use Google Play Music to stream their library. But there is a huge limiting factor in streaming: data allotment. Yes, two of the biggest… Read more

Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Music Players

I apologize for the delay in posting the next installment of Reader Recommended Apps.  It’s been very busy for me recently, but things look to be settling down.  Thanks again for the great feedback over on our Facebook page about your choice of how you listen to music on your Android device.  Due to the diversity of responses, I thought it would be… Read more

Google Play Music App Update: Expanded Jelly Bean Notifications & Support for Google TV Devices

The Google Play Music App received an update today.  Along with expanded Jelly Bean notifications, the app also supports Google TV devices where before it was incompatible for units like the Sony Google TV box and the Vizio Co-Star. According to comments, customers are already enjoying the new features: dboftlp – August 22, 2012 – Motorola XOOM… Read more