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1-Click App Roots & Unlocks Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3

Last night, we told you about XDA’s bootloader unlocking of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy 3.  Tonight, we bring you even better news: developers at RootzWiki have added an app to the Google Play Store which roots and unlocks the phone in one click.  As the description of VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) states:  “It doesn’t get much easier than this… Read more

Google Play to Offer Gift Cards and Wish Lists

While Apple has long offered methods of gifting through iTunes and their App Store, Android users have been left out of this option until now.  Last night, Android Police were able to crack the codes from the most recent Google Play APK update.  Among their finds were evidence of gift cards and wish lists for the Google Play Store. Since this… Read more

24 Month Transaction Display and Access to Liquid Accounts Among New Features for Chase Mobile App

When it comes to mobile banking, Chase has undoubtedly been the leader in convenience and efficiency.  They were the first major bank to offer mobile check deposit and are now continuing their reputation for innovation by the latest updates to their app.  Via the Google Play store, they announced your Android device is now able to: -Display up to… Read more