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Google Updates Play Store With New Nexus Devices

Ready to pre-order your very own Nexus 7 tablet? Well, now you can as Google has updated their Play store and pre-orders are now live for the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q. Google’s got a nice overview of the Nexus 7 tablet in the video below and there is little doubt that its specs are more than spectacular for the price. Throw in an HD display, Tegra 3… Read more

Deal Alert: Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Discount

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog turns 21 on Saturday.  In honor of this, Sega’s blog announced a special digital sale of Sonic games.  The prices are as follows: Google Play Original Price Sale Price Original Price Sale Price (USD) (USD) (GBP) (GBP) Sonic CD $4.99 $2.99 2.99 1.99 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode… Read more

Google Play Kicks Off Collectibles Week

Starting today, the Google Play store announced “Collectibles Week”.  This promotion provides exclusive content from in app collectibles for more than 20 games.  The items range from a magic store for Dream Tower, an Android Tee in Stardom, to a patio set for The Sims.  Head on over to the Google Play Store because you only have a week to take… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available Directly From The Google Play Store

Not too long ago Google re-entered the hardware sales business by selling the Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store. So far, things have been successful, and Google is now expanding. No, there aren’t any new device being sold (not yet, at least), instead opting for accessories. That’s right, you can now grab everything you need with your Galaxy Nexus from… Read more