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Head Of Windows Mobile Bashes Android, Avoids Questions

Head of Windows Mobile Terry Myerson did an interview at D: Dive Into Mobile and was asked to comment on the current state of Android and his thoughts on Facebook Home. The first thing he says about Android? “It’s a mess.” Of course, in a sense, he’s right. OEMs just aren’t making much money aside from Samsung, but that’s looking to change soon. Then he… Read more

Download The New Google Play Store 4.0 Here

Google Play 4.0 has started rolling out to people everywhere, but if you’re that excited, why wait? You can try it now, just with a simple download of an APK. You just install it and use the new Play Store, no root required. So get going! Hit the source link from your phone and make sure installing from unknown sources is turned on. Download Play… Read more

New Google Play Design Begins Rolling Out To Devices, Offers Up New Content Discovery And Simplified Purchasing

Google is beginning to roll out its new, cleaner, Google Play store.  The new Play Store 4.0 focuses on larger images and consistent color usage based on topic.  It is now easier to quickly identify the content you are looking for and explore the options within that category. The purchase process has also been streamlined, providing you a quicker way… Read more

Official Twitter App Updated, Gets Holo UI Treatment

The official Twitter app, the only one usable by a lot of people at once, has been updated today, and it’s a big update. Something all Android fans should be happy about is that Twitter now follows Holo UI standards! You can now swipe through the tabs and the whole UI is now a lot more flat. I won’t lie, it looks good. It just shows how versatile Holo… Read more