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Google Adds Tons Of Info To Movies Via Cards

If you’ve ever been watching a movie, and wanted to know what actor is in it, or what song is playing, or more about the movies and actors in general, Google has an awesome feature for you. If you’re watching a movie in Google Play Movies and TV and you’re using an Android tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich and up, you can now get more information on the… Read more

Nexus 7 Dock Finally Lands On The Play Store, Only Took 8 Months

In a surprising and unannounced event, the infamous Nexus 7 dock is now available on the Play Store! After endless months of waiting, seeing it on other sites, and daydreaming, it’s finally available to buy straight from the source. It is going for $29.99 and says that it’ll ship in 1-2 weeks, though it might ship much faster. The dock itself is… Read more

Google Play Turns One, Celebrates With Some Free Stuff

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hqyOBz0zNT4 Do you remember when the Android Market was still a thing? And one day, it was just gone? Yes, Google changed the Android Market to Google Play, and people weren’t happy. I might have been one of the few people who thought it was a good idea. But it seems that people have adjusted pretty… Read more

Google To Continue Selling Phones Through Play Store

Today in Barcelona, Jamie Rosenberg, VP of Google Play, stated that the model of selling smartphones directly from the Play Store is “here to stay.” Based on past experience, it will be interesting to see how this model continues to perform.  If you recall, there have been a few bumps in the road when selling phones directly from the Play Store…. Read more