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Matias Duarte, Google’s Head Of Android User Experience Explains The Lack Of SD Cards In Nexus Devices

Google’s head of Android user experience, Matias Duarte is engaging Google+ users with some in-depth answers to pressing questions about the Nexus and Android experience. As of this writing, he’s still taking questions and there’s no shortage of discussion on the answers he’s already provided. So far, we’re taking a look at why there are no SD cards in… Read more

Mac app: Tab for Google+

There is a new, currently free, app in the Mac App Store for Apple users in the Google+ fold. It’s called Tab for Google+, and places an icon in your OS X menu bar. Clicking it displays your Google+ stream by default, but there is a lot more to this drop-down than a simple feed. Created by the same people that produced FaceTab Pro, Tab for Google+… Read more

Quick Hangouts for Google+

Just a quick note about a new Chrome extension that enhances Google+: It’s called Quick Hangouts and adds a list of current hangouts (being hosted be people in your circles) underneath your “Start a Hangout” button. Now, if you miss a Hangout announcement, or if there are just too many in your Stream to keep track of, you can simply check out this new… Read more

Google+ invites open again…for now

Dave Besbris, Engineering Director of Google+, announced today that Google has opened the social network’s invite system once again in what will undoubtedly be a successful effort to double the field test user base. Numbers regarding the current and target memberships were withheld. Invites will be throttled, so dropping in long lists of random… Read more

Google eliminating private profiles

Those of you waiting impatiently for Google+ to go public should be happy to know that all (old) Google profiles must be made public by July 31st. Profile pages that are not made public will simply be deleted at the end of the month. “Public” doesn’t mean you have to share every little detail about yourself with the world, but name and gender are… Read more

Looking for new people to follow on Google+?

I know that a lot of you–ok, most of you–are still wondering when Google will send you that notification email that Google+ is finally ready for you to join, or when, if ever, that invite you’ve already been sent will work. (Don’t feel bad, aside from making sure that big names like Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose are feeling out the new social site,… Read more

NFC support in Google+

WIth Google+ in its early stages, full integration across Google properties and technologies has yet to be realized. But it’s clear that that is what Google is aiming for: communication between various devices, systems, and web apps for the purpose of uniformity across the Google brand and for a more engrossing experience. The black bar you see on… Read more