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Feedly RSS App Hits The Play Store With New Features

Feedly is the most talked about RSS client out there, aside from the soon to be dead Google Reader. Many have migrated straight to Feedly, as they have worked to improve the service for their newfound customers. And the customers are plenty, with three million people joining after it was announced that Google is shutting down reader. That’s with a 4… Read more

Sign The Petition To Keep Google Reader Alive

Google Reader is an integral part of people’s every day lives (we use it all the time), and we were dismayed to hear that Google is shutting it down. How could they do this to their loyal users? They cite declining use, but there are a lot of less popular Google services out there. Google, we beg you, keep Reader around. But begging won’t work. Maybe… Read more

Google Reader for Android app released into the Market

Google may be a little late to the game here, in their own words “It’s been a long time coming,” but nonetheless it’s finally here: The official Google Reader app for Android. Of course the app features all of the usual functions you’d expect to find in the official reader from Google – unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, starring, multiple… Read more