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Google Search Gets Nutritional Info On Over 1,000 Foods

Google Search gets smarter and more useful every day, and now it can help you with your diet. Starting today and rolling out over the next 10 days to US users, Google Search will offer you info cards on searched foods containing information about nutrition. It knows over 1,000 foods, including simple fruits and vegetables and even more complex foods… Read more

Google Search Updated With Some New Fancy Tricks

Google Search received a fun new update today to bringing in some new features such as real time package tracking from select carriers, quick feedback and settings on cards, and faster Google search results.  As you can see in my screen shot above, cards now have a little ‘info’ symbol in the upper right corner that can be pressed to bring settings for… Read more

Google Releases Heartwarming Commercial For Google Search

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMsX1JnGEdE&feature=youtu.be Google has been churning out commercials for the (amazing) Google Search app on Jelly Bean and up, known as Google Now. It’s an incredibly useful app that provides relevant information before you even ask it. The commercial itself is fantastic, and if it doesn’t make you feel, we don’t know what… Read more

Google Celebrates Inauguration Day With Amazing Ad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FyJZqHyKKIw This one is seriously a gem. Google’s new ad celebrates inauguration day by showing the power of Google Search to instantly find information about a not so well known former President of the United States. In the commercial, a mother makes her daughter a costume of Martin Van Buren, and… Read more

As part of a EU antitrust case – Google will now begin labeling its own services in search results

According to a report by the Financial Times, Google is now offering to label its own services that appear in Google powered search results as part part of an ongoing antitrust inquiry by the European Commission. Google has identified these services as “maps, stock quotes, airline flight details” or any other information coming directly from Google’s… Read more

Google Mobile Search Gets Updated, Brings Popular Card Interface To Your Mobile Browser

Since the release of Android 4.1, the folks from Mountain View have continued to iterate on their entirely-new informative Google Now “platform”. The card-like interface that is seen within the new Google Search and Google Now apps on Jelly Bean is now transitioning into the company’s other mobile offerings. Today, popular “interactive answer” cards… Read more

Stick It To The Man, Universal Search Your Galaxy S III

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately about lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, and Samsung taking away their Universal Search feature on their recently released Galaxy S III.  Recently, both Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III variants have received small updates to the devices that have removed the Universal Search functionality due to patent… Read more

Google Now Completely Working on AOSP-Based ICS ROMs?

The title of this story is in the form of a question because I can’t confirm the reported results, and following the forums, it seems there are mixed results.  However, XDA Recognized Developer febycv is reporting that he has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s Google Now working on rooted devices running ICS AOSP Roms.  The process to get Google Now working… Read more