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OnLive Could Make Its Way to Sony’s Google TV

Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 Google TV could be getting support for OnLive gaming capabilities directly out of the box. VentureBeat has found a bit of interesting information on Sony’s official website, detailing an “OnLive controller/USB dongle”. Whether or not the service will come pre-installed remains unclear, but it appears Son’y newest Google TV will get… Read more

Sony Google TV finally gets root access

Despite how long Sony’s Google TV-based devices have been available, which range from TVs to Blu-ray players, root access has only been a dream for those who want it. But that changes today, as the fine folks over at GTVHackers have finally managed to make their way inside, and acquire root access for their efforts. It also means that the world of… Read more

Google may launch a home entertainment center in 2012

A few weeks back we heard that Google has been testing a secret project in its employee’s homes. At the time, it seemed like that may have had something to do with Android@Home. It turns out that it may be something totally different, along the lines of a Google-branded home entertainment center. It is said to be able to stream music to Google-branded… Read more

Logitech Revue units completely sold out as company moves away from Google TV

Logitech has been pretty straightforward when it comes to their plans regarding Google TV. Bsaically, they’re moving away from the team. With that in mind, news that the company has sold out of their Revue units should come as a surprise to anyone. Then again, if folks were still interested in picking up that $99 Revue, then it’s probably a sad day to know… Read more

OnLive Viewer finds its way into Google TV

Well, it was bound to happen and now, it looks like it finally did. OnLive, the company that is bringing an online streaming service for games to users everywhere, has announced that their OnLive Viewer is available on all Google TV devices. They say that full game compatibility will come “soon”. Another announcement that goes hand-in-hand with the release… Read more

Vizio announces multiple Google TV based devices

Vizio is looking to step into the Google TV market, and has just announced a new set-top box running the OS. Known as the VAP430 Stream Player, it connects to TVs through HDMI, and has a pass through for other devices to connect to. It will feature a dual-sided remote, which includes a full QWERTY keyboard on one side. Pre-orders are expected sometime in… Read more