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Two new Google TV devices announced

We haven’t heard anything major about Google TV since way back in 2010, but Google isn’t quite ready to let it die. Sony has just taken the wraps off both a new Blu-ray player and a media streamer. Both will feature multiple Sony apps including TrackID for Android, and Media Remote. Sony is aiming to get users to use their phones to control the TV, as it is… Read more

LG to unveil new Google TV television at CES

Looks like Google TV is finally picking up some momentum. While it hasn’t garnered the support that Google would have liked to see, it is definitely picking up speed no doubt with a little help from Logitech’s little set top box that could, the Revue. LG is hoping to push the platform at CES with a new line of TVs bringing 3D technology. No other… Read more

Google TV making the switch to ARM

To most this won’t be a newsworthy article simply because of the fact that most don’t  know how a processor affects user experience and things like the bottom line. Well, we’re not most people here so today, we’ll try to explain in terms that most will understand. If you’ve read the headline, you know that today, we learned Google TV will now support ARM… Read more

Logitech Revue units hindered by corrupted firmware

Over the holidays, it looks like recipients of the Logitech Revue with Google TV didn’t get all that they hoped for. New owners of the device have been reporting that their new Google TV-equipped piece of hardware has some corrupted firmware on it, which is causing the device to halt during the set-up process. This is resulting in some large paper weights,… Read more

Crunchyroll brings anime streaming to Google TV

Anime fans rejoice! As of today, there is a new app for you to download to your Google TV hardware. Crunchyroll, a long-time favorite of the Android community has come in all its glory to the Google TV Market. The app gives both free members and premium users the ability to watch their anime in their living rooms without waiting for a licensed DVD to hit… Read more

Logitech Revue boxes finally getting updated to Android 3.1

Remember Google TV? That way hyped project by Google that kinda turned into a dud? Yes, they still exist. While about a month ago Sony’s Google TV products got updated to Android 3.1, Logitech left their products in the dark. That changes starting tonight though, as the update is rolling out to Logitech’s Revue set-top boxes. The roll out officially begins… Read more

Logitech Says Google TV 2.0 Still Coming to the Revue in 2011

Logitech has very publicly denounced the Google TV experiment to be a failure. Sales for the Revue were not very good, thanks mostly to Google’s lackluster software. Google is trying to fix that with the Honeycomb update that bring the Android Market to Google TV. Sony Google TV’s have been enjoying this update for several weeks, but Revue owners have… Read more

Lenovo Smart TV in Q1 2012?

Lenovo has been making waves today with several developments (one & two). If you thought that today was a productive day for Lenovo, they beg to differ. In addition to the mobile hardware they have in the works, Lenovo (the second biggest PC manufacturer) announced today that it would also be developing a “smart TV”. Though no official announcement… Read more

Samsung won’t be unveiling their Google TV at CES 2012

We know that Samsung is planning on joining the Google TV movement in 2012, and there were all sorts of rumors pointing at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 as the place they would do it. It would make sense, considering the location and the fact that it is the one place where things are shown off. But, that doesn’t look like it is going to… Read more