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LG Planning to Show Off Google TV Hardware at CES in January

Google TV is getting ready for a reboot. Just one year after it’s inception Google is in need of some new hardware to rejuvenate the brand. So far Samsung has announced plans for showing some GTV hardware at CES, and now LG is joining the party. This is good news for Google since they need to replace Logitech who appears to be backing out of the… Read more

Samsung in ‘last-stage talks’ with Google to launch Google TV sometime next year

Samsung and Google have been an unbeatable couple.  It only makes sense that one of the world’s top producers of high quality flatscreen TVs would continue to join forces with the world’s top search engine and its highly customizable OS.  I don’t have to tell you, but this is very exciting news.  I mean, when a company like Samsung says they want to… Read more

Google TV gets the major update people have been waiting for

So after a few weeks of hushed whispers and a few loud rumors, we’ve finally got the official update from Google for Google TV. While we’ve seen other minor software updates for the TV-connected service in the past, this is the update that people have been waiting for since the launch of the service. That’s right, we’ve finally got the “real” Android Market… Read more

Has Google TV become a hobby for Google?

Not everything is going to be a break-out success. Even when we look at the release of Android, it didn’t take the world by storm in one night, or even a month. It took some time, but the result now has been pretty outstanding for Google, as well as anyone who has fallen in love with the little green ‘droid. And for Google, releasing something into the wild… Read more

MOVL creates apps that integrate Google TV and your mobile

Google TV established its creator as a major player in the growing realm of TV/web convergence, but, outside of remote control and media sharing, there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between our Android phones and Google TV. App developer MOVL is changing that with two applications: WeDraw.tv and PokerFun.tv. The implication of the poker game is… Read more

More information on Google Fishtank

Images via Geek At Google I/O 2011, The Big G requested ideas for the next generation of Google TV from developers. Outside of the title, “Fishtank,” which covers the title of the development program and functions as at least a preliminary moniker for the product itself, little information was given. Though, we do know that the system will run… Read more

Google giving out Fishtank Google TV devices for developers

There sure has been a lot of news to come out of this year’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, and a good chunk of it has been related to event loot. Free Tabs, free hotspots, free Chromebooks… I wonder how gratis gear plays into the 59-minute sellout, and how it might affect next year’s ticket sales. Well, there’s one more freebie to… Read more

Honeycomb headed for Google TV this year–preview the UI

Google TV had a bit of a rough start last year, due largely to the fact that a lot of people weren’t sure why on Earth they would need such integration when watching the tube with an old lappy is so comfortable. But the general public is taking note of what universal searching, PIP app access, and Google account employment can do for a lazy afternoon with… Read more

Google TV: The return of Kevin Bacon

The last time we heard the name Kevin Bacon and Google TV in the same sentence, it was regarding a mildly creepy commercial spot promoting the Logitech Revue. Fortunately, that hasn’t changed. Found on the Official Google TV Blog, Ivan Cobenk (who is really Bacon) has written a post talking about how his extended Kevin Bacon video has made it to… Read more