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Google TV update plus remote app for Android

Today, Google announced the first software update for Google TV, two months after its release. Changes are detailed in a post over at the Google TV Blog and include a new Netflix app that is far more robust and complete than the instant queue browser we saw at launch; and a new Dual View that allows the user to customize their picture-in-picture display, as… Read more

YouTube “I Want My Google TV” contest puts 100 Sony Internet Televisions up for grabs

In celebration of the season and to spread the word about their potentially revolutionary product, Google TV, the Big G is handing out 100 (yes, 100) free 46″ Sony Internet televisions this winter. To enter, just make a YouTube video expressing your enthusiasm for Google TV and upload it to YouTube by December 22nd. Be sure to tag it with “ytgtv” for… Read more

Did you notice a change at the site today?

DroidDog saw some significant changes at the unveiling of its fresh new design on December 1st, but we’re not finished with the upgrades just yet. Many of the continuing tweaks are virtually unnoticeable from and end-user standpoint but are important nonetheless. Our IT team is working hard to improve the friendliness and functionality of the entire family… Read more

New Logitech Revue commercial is all about the Bacon

Whenever advertisements like this new commercial for the Logitech Revue pop up, I always think to myself, “I wonder how that pitch meeting went…” Let’s face it, whoever it was that thought of having Kevin Bacon talk about Kevin Bacon, while not actually playing (or being) Kevin Bacon, is a genius. Oh yeah, and there’s some Google TV in there too. Just… Read more

$1,000 bounty: root Google TV, add third-party apps

As if the ability to run market apps and get into tweaking, extending, and possibly theming Google TV weren’t motivation enough for the capable legions of Android hackers in cyberspace, MagicAndroidApps.com is offering up $1,000, via Paypal, to the first person who can successfully root a Google TV product and get third-party apps working before Google… Read more

Video: Control Google TV with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

Logitech’s Harmony Remote app for Android is incredibly useful for owner’s of their Google TV box/keyboard combo, the Revue. While a tactile surface is far better for control during television entertainment, being able to type on a phone or tablet in order to search Google TV is just plain cool. And the cursor and d-pad controls are not too shabby. I… Read more

Vimeo’s Couch Mode works great with Google TV

If you prefer Vimeo’s stellar video quality and selection of artsy, often highbrow subject matter over YouTube’s built-in community and sheer volume of content, then you need to try Vimeo Couch Mode. Similar in concept to YouTube Leanback, but perhaps less clumsy and more luxurious in execution, Couch Mode looks fantastic on Google TV’s Chrome browser, as… Read more

Logitech TV Cam video demo with Logitech Revue and Google TV

Tyler Cunningham of GtvHub had a video conference over GoogleTV with Logitech’s product manager, Glen Kuo, and got the whole thing on video for us. They demonstrate the focus and zoom features as well as the surprizing quality of image. I’ve got to make up my mind and figure out which camera I’ll be getting with my Logitech discount code. I’m thinking… Read more

Google TV vs. Apple TV, part 1: interface, YouTube, Netflix

Of course the primary difference between Google TV and Apple TV is that the former is meant to provide some new content and integrate with an existing supply of content (from your cable or dish supplier) and the later is designed to deliver content with no regard for existing television programming. But there are plenty of other differentiators and I wanted… Read more

Has your Logitech Revue been delayed?

Logitech sent out some emails last night with the subject, “Your Logitech Revue pre order. We appreciate your patience.” Apparently, a good chunk of you haven’t received your box just yet, and well…that’s not good. Especially if you pre-ordered and paid for next-day shipping. I’m not sure what Logitech has in mind for affected customers, but they’re… Read more