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Controlling Google TV, Logitech Revue with Harmony Android app

The keyboard that comes bundled with Logitech’s Goggle TV box, the Revue (unboxing and early look) is functional and fairly user friendly, but it is a bit bulky und unwieldy for television interaction from a reclining position or in bed. So it’s nice that Logitech has released a free Harmony remote app in the Android Market (screen grabs below video)…. Read more

Sony Google TV booted into recovery mode; root not far behind?

While Google TV has just hit a slight snag, it’s becoming more attractive for geeks. A member of AndroidForums has gained access to Recovery Mode on Sony’s Internet TV. Here’s his video walkthrough on doing the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L21guovXDsc I can’t help but think that the Android mod community will convert this into an opportunity… Read more

ABC, CBS, and NBC block Google TV from browsing web video

Google TV’s one big, lofty goal of a main objective is to blur and even erase the line between web content and broadcast television. If you’re a TV network, that’s the scariest proposition you’ve ever heard. Networks bank on the value customers place on always-on, professionally produced, easily-accessible content. But if CBS becomes just another “video… Read more

Logitech Revue unboxing and early look

I hate to drop 20-plus minutes of video on you for what I intended to be a simple unboxing and hands-on, as it were, but there’s a lot going on with Logitech’s (and my) entry into the world of Google TV. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure where to start or how to organize my coverage of the many features, which are still very new to me. But rest assured,… Read more

Poll: are you getting Google TV?

Will Google TV be the next big thing in home entertainment like Netflix or on-demand programming, or will it be a flash in the pan? Will it stand alongside Android as an important contribution to the evolution of gadgetry, or lay next to Google Wave in the museum of doomed technology? I can’t say for sure (I’m leaning towards the former) but I’m excited to… Read more

Logitech Revue compatibility and setup guide

Pre-orders of Logitech’s Google TV box, the Revue, will be shipping any day now and I’m guessing that more than a few you are wondering how well it will integrate into your existing systems. Maybe some of you are waiting to order until you are certain your cable/satellite box is compatible. Logitech has posted a set-top box compatibility list to allay your… Read more

Marques Brownlee previews Google TV

Those of you who are fond of our weekly segment, MKB Reviews, probably like it because of Marques Brownlee’s clear and concise description of complicated topics, or because of the way he breaks down software into individual and easily digested segments. At least those are some of the things I like about his work. Today, Marques posted a sort of video… Read more

Sony launches line of Google TV products

Sony just finished their NYC unveiling of four televisions starting at 26″ and ranging from $599 to $1399 and a standalone set-top (well, not exactly meant to sit on top of your HD set) box for $399. They go on sale this weekend at Sony Style stores and will be seen at Best Buy locations starting October 24th. Pre-orders begin right now. Sony… Read more

Sony Google TV to be released tomorrow

Starting tomorrow in the Big Apple, the Sony NSX-46GT1 46″ Google TV will finally released for all to see. Originally quoted at costing $1899 from Sony Insider, the 46GT1 will really be priced at $1399; $500 cheaper. The correction in pricing comes from Sony Insider in a very apologetic post put up just yesterday. According to BestBuy, the Logitech… Read more

Google TV on Nightline

We’ve only seen bits and pieces of the real Google TV, and even Google’s dedicated site really doesn’t show us the revolutionary product in its entirety. I suppose revelation of the complete experience is reserved for an official unveiling. But ABC’s Nightline gives us a pretty good look at the interface, as well as Sony’s crazy, QWERTY-equipped controller…. Read more