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Look out Apple TV, Google TV has apps

I haven’t even had my Apple TV for a week yet, but I’m comfortable saying that I undertand its current features and functionality. Honestly, I think it’s great. I can stream content from my Macbook Pro, rent movies and TV shows from iTunes, and the remote is super sexy. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t have to use the throwaway crap Blu-ray DVDs Netflix… Read more

Leak: Logitech Revue coming 09/29 for $299, $179 from Dish

Dish Network has been the partner to watch in Google’s ramp-up to the launch of their living room break-out product, Google TV. And after including six months of free Dish Network service to Zeitgeist attendees (along with everything else one would need to experience the product), it’s not really a surprize to hear that Dish–who asked customers what they… Read more

Free Google TV (and more) at Zeitgeist

Holy cow! All Things D is reporting that attendees of the video-centric, TED-esque Google Zeitgeist Minds conference in Arizona’s Paradise Valley just received a free Google TV box, six months of Dish service, a Bravia TV, and a free installation by the Best Buy Geek Squad. Those folks sure do know how to throw a party! While the rest of us wait to see… Read more

The world’s first HDTV powered by Google TV

That’s what Sony is calling their Google-enhanced Internet television product, and it looks mighty slick. Taylor from Android and Me caught the set on video at the IFA conference in Germany, and while Sony literally hid some technical details (via tape and cardboard) from his lens, we can at least see the physical design of the TV and a promotional video… Read more

Logitech continues pleasantly bizarre Revue spots

We caught a glimpse of Logitech’s first commercial for their Google TV set-top box last month, and people generally discussed the creepiness of it, whether or not the television was committing suicide, and how ironic it is that a Google-related product be represented by a giant eye coming from a medium we traditionally consider to be on a one-way street,… Read more

Dish Network sends out Google TV survey

When Google TV was officially announced at the search megalith’s I/O conference in May, there was mention of a partnership with satellite content provider, DIsh Network, to bring a seamless experience between existing Dish Network services and those provided by Google. And while you’ll soon be able to buy a Logitech set-top box called Revue for your Google… Read more

Logitech Revue spot

What does TV do when no one’s watching? Apparently, it slowly immerses itself in the cool waters of a swimming pool…or at least that’s the way a new teaser spot from Logitech portrays the situation. Revue is a Google TV set top box that will make all of Google TV’s (see second video below) affordable for the average consumer. At least more affordable than… Read more

Intel still working on x86 version of Android

A long time ago, we ran a post here at DroidDog about how Intel was working on a version of Android that would work on their popular x86 architecture, as opposed to ARM that Android is written for now. This is one of those stories that takes a long time to evolve. When we first talked about Android x86, it mainly revolved around getting Android on… Read more

Google TV; Coming to your living room Fall 2010

Today’s Google I/O keynote focused on two things.  The first topic, and probably most anticipated, was a walk-through of Android 2.2 (Codename: FroYo) and some goodies we should expect to see in Gingerbread and beyond.  Check out John’s post for more information. I’m here to talk about the second announcement.  Unfortunately, Team Google fumbled… Read more