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Google Voice Search Adds 13 New Languages

Google Voice search is well-known in the Android world as it’s one of the most basic voice tasks an Android user can perform. Well, now you can do it in 13 brand new languages, having already been available in 29 different languages bringing your total to 42 different languages. That’s 100 million potential Android owners that can now take advantage… Read more

Google Voice Search expands language compatibility

Now available in over two dozen languages, Google has expanded their signature Google Voice Search to include support for Indonesian, Malaysian and Latin American Spanish. Thanks to a Google project known as Word of Mouth, different languages from all around the world are being added to Voice Search all the time. First introduced in 2010, Word of… Read more

Video: Weezer tests Google Voice Search

Google’s Demo Slam is a competition that pits videos against one another for voting and showcases the technical capabilities of Google products under practical application. It also gives us a great look at the skills of YouTubers and some really neat ideas. I think the creators of this video have an unfair advantage over the (often very young)… Read more