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Google Voice Updated, Google Is On A Roll

Google has updated quite a few apps today. One of those is Google Voice. It’s a bug fixing update, but it’s a pretty significant one. It fixes delayed SMS notifications and inbox syncing issues. The inbox syncing issue caused duplicate notifications because they were not being cleared on other devices when you checked them on one. All this is fixed now,… Read more

Google Voice for Android updated, brings new UI to Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has been working towards making all of Android look the same over the last year, and is taking another step by updating one of its own apps. Google Voice has just been updated to version, bringing new UI elements to devices running Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich. Also included is offline queuing of apps, something not previously available…. Read more

Google Voice and Sprint integration available now

It may be a week later than originally leaked, but nonetheless, the time has finally come: Google Voice with Sprint integration has gone live. For those of you looking to get in on the action, there is two options for completing the integration, Option 1: Keep your Sprint number: Your Sprint number becomes your Google Voice number so that when… Read more

Is Google finally adding VoIP support to Google Voice?

When Google first bought GrandCentral in 2007, rumors of the Big G utilizing VoIP in some interesting ways started to swirl. When Gizmo5 was acquired, it practically sealed the deal. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen much of that tight Google integration with VoIP and Google Voice like many have been suspecting — until now. Unearthed by… Read more

Google’s Honeycomb event: What can we expect?

It seems like just yesterday Google released Gingerbread, well that was almost two months ago – that’s years in Google Time. Google will be officially unveiling Android’s latest version – Honeycomb – this Wednesday, at a press event in their Mountain View campus. The event starts at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST and will be streamed live on YouTube at… Read more

Google Voice acting up for some

Not quite sure how widespread this problem is, as it’s still developing, but word on the web is quite a few GV users are having problems using the service today. Problems have been ranging from calls never being connected, to calls being connected, but going out from a random number, to everything in between. Personally, I have been experiencing the… Read more