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Google Voice update adds text and voicemail search

Ahh search, it’s what Google does best. In an update to Google Voice for Android today, the big G has added the ability to “search your voicemail transcripts and text messages.” To use the new feature, simply upgrade in the market, and press menu to access the search screen from your inbox. Simple enough right? As far as I can tell, the function works… Read more

Google adds widgets to Voice

We knew that Google Voice will include widgets when the T-Mobile G2 launches with Voice integration, and today–hours after the G2 was officially announced–Google is launching their new version of Voice, with widgets, in the Market. There’s an inbox widget and controls widget with quick settings, DND, and compose SMS buttons. Grab the update now in the… Read more

Google Voice begins open invitation

Alright Google, now you’re talking! Google Voice has been subject to Google’s trademark invite only system for a long time now. During much of that time, there were so many people clamoring for an invite, they were being sold on eBay (or what have you) for a pretty penny. Some of us (myself included) have had Google Voice numbers for a long time. I remember… Read more