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Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon no longer listed on Google’s dev support pages [Update]

This is an interesting turn of events, if you ask us. While the Google Wallet situation between Google and Verizon seemed to delay the launch of the device back in December, it seemed to have died down after the official launch. But now it looks like it may be the reason why there’s a huge change of events happening over at Google’s developer support… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus on AT&T now has Google Wallet support

Samsung Galaxy Nexus users in the US have pretty much been out of luck if they wanted to use Google Wallet, as all the major carriers excluding Sprint have blocked the app. There have been hacks to get the app up and running, but still no official support. Today that has changed, as AT&T is now allowing install of the app on unlocked Galaxy Nexus’ running… Read more

Sprint Galaxy Nexus plays nice with Google Wallet

There is stuff that Verizon does right and then there’s the other stuff. Lately, the “other stuff” category seems to be getting a lot of new additions. Today, we’re going to add one more item to that list and hope that Verizon takes some notes. Earlier today, we reported on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Well, we got some more information and it now looks like… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Google Wallet APK sans root

Last week we reported that for those individuals that had a rooted Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there was an option to install Google Wallet on your device. Well, it looks like now, everyone can join the party. A new APK that brings Google Wallet to your Galaxy Nexus has been released that works on rooted and non-rooted phones and has been making waves across the… Read more

Google Wallet hacked onto Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It didn’t take long for folks to get Google Wallet, Google’s NFC-based payment system, onto the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, and so we aren’t too surprised to read this morning that the service has also found its way onto the 4G LTE-based model, too. While there are some notes you should pay attention to here, before you go rooting and… Read more