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Google announces exclusive URL shortener

If you’ve been wary of clicking shortened URL links, like bit.ly, .to, and others, because of their use for spam and malicious intent, you’ll like Google’s new shortening service, g.co. The service is available only to Google insiders, so if you see that domain in an address posted to a social network, you’ll know that you’re at least visiting something… Read more

OSCON will feature a host of Googlers at the end of July

If you’re in or around Portland, or will be from July 25th to 29th, and you’re interested in open source software, the Oregon Convention Center will be the place to be. O’Reilly’s 2011 OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be taking place there, and will be hosting a variety of workshops, keynotes, tutorials, and other geeky events. According to the… Read more

MKB Reviews: GTasks

GTasks is a free ad-supported productivity application in the Android market. It’s one that requires little introduction or explanation; its purpose is self-explanatory. It is a full-featured client that syncs with Google Tasks – which just happens to be the To-Do list manager that organizes my life. With GTasks you can sync with multiple Google… Read more

New YouTube features arrive via Cosmic Panda

YouTube is undergoing some experimental layout and viewing changes as part of a test project called Cosmic Panda. Click that link to partake in the latest TestTube project. Some of the changes will look familiar, like the playlist view that takes some inspiration from Leanback. Others are brand new, and focus on a modern, wide view. You can enable… Read more

Google+ invites open again…for now

Dave Besbris, Engineering Director of Google+, announced today that Google has opened the social network’s invite system once again in what will undoubtedly be a successful effort to double the field test user base. Numbers regarding the current and target memberships were withheld. Invites will be throttled, so dropping in long lists of random… Read more