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YouTube Symphony Orchestra, 2011

In 2009, YouTube put out a call for world class as well as amateur musicians to submit videos of themselves performing a piece on their chosen instrument for public voting. Once the cream had risen to the top of the talent pool, experts judged the performances, selecting those few who would comprise the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and perform at Carnegie… Read more

CES video: Honeycomb demo from Verizon presser

Principal engineer of Android, Mike Cleron joined Motorola Chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha and Verizon’s Lowell McAdam on stage at the Verizon press conference at CES in Las Vegas today in order to show off Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, Honeycomb. The ultra-powerful dual-core Xoom was used to demo the software, which is aesthetically… Read more

Video: YouTube’s Life in a Day, first teaser

Last July, YouTube had users submit videos that they felt represented the beauty of their daily routines. Over 80,000 videos were shot and submitted in a single day. These videos would need to be sorted through before edited and assembled for used in Life in a Day, a crowd-sourced feature film that will debut at the Sundance film festival on January… Read more

PayPal could have NFC payment system in place in 2H 2011

Google’s Nexus S features NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, and the Big G is already implementing its use with Places and Hotpot in Portland, Oregon. The applications Google has presented us with thus far are fun and good, but NFC has much greater potential in the realm of payments, personal and commercial. Google’s purchase last August of… Read more

Google wrangling support for digital newsstand

With tablets on the verge of of critical mass and consumers looking for better ways to digest text while mobile, Google is looking to get in on the magazine and newspaper delivery game with publishers like Time, Condé Nast and the Hearst Corporation. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that negotiations are still in the early stages as details… Read more

Video: Another Cr-48 goes in the dumpster

As clever and fun as Google’s notebook killing advertising campaign is I’m guessing that the spots, which feature the Chrome OS powered Cr-48 (see my impressions here) being methodically demolished in creative and elaborate scenarios are a bit painful for many of you to watch. Namely, those of you who signed up for the Cr-48 pilot program and still… Read more

Orkut implements free internal advertising with Promote

Google’s social network, Orkut, seemingly languished in obscurity with nary an update for…ever. But Google has been gearing up for a big push with Orkut by implementing new friend groups and their handy new “let’s-go-viral” internal sharing system, Promotions (both demonstrated in the videos below). Orkut still shows plenty of room for technical… Read more

Google engineer gives the gift of (temporary) freedom

The troubling trend of enacting or reinterpreting legislation in a way that might prohibit citizens from making a video recording of on-duty police activity is having predictably draconian repercussions, leaving many violators facing trumped up charges and some officers free to abuse power without fear of recourse. A series of cases has brought the issue of… Read more

Video: “Happy Christmas” from Google Chrome UK

Google loves revealing season specific themes, videos, and greetings across their Internet properties. Some are elaborate undertakings, like their partnership with NORAD for tracking Santa’s path around the planet. Some are a bit more subtle, like the holiday Doodle. Google’s Chrome OS YouTube channel for the UK is home to one of dozens of holiday… Read more