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Nexus One headed for Sprint


While it’s difficult to say if the device will still be called Nexus One at the time of launch (I think think it will, and for a pretty penny), and while the color options are uncertain (I think silver would look nice next to the Hero on shelves), Google’s Nexus One will be landing on Sprint. Looks like everyone’s coming to the Nexus party. We do not yet… Read more

Google, stop advertizing search

Remember that Parisian Love commercial that Google ran during the Super Bowl? It was touching, it was effective, and it was memorable. People talked about it, tweeted about it, buzzed about it, and blogged about it. Even after all those eyes caught the spot on television, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Google’s SearchStories YouTube channel to… Read more

AT&T takes the Google out of Google Android

One of the best things about Android is the deep integration with Google’s apps. If you’re a Gmail, Google Docs or Google Calendar user, there’s no doubt that Android is the way to go.  Well, the geniuses at AT&T decided that Android is way too Googley for their taste. They decided to take the Google out of Google Android. Thus, AT&T’s first… Read more

Apple feels Android’s heat, goes after HTC

Apple -to put it mildly- is not the most popular company around these parts. Having said that, we rarely go on rants against them or even mention them at all on our articles. Apparently, Apple doesn’t like that, and they’ve decided to test how much the Android community can despise them. Yesterday they decided to put their lawyers where their mouth is, and… Read more

Do we have a date on a VZW Nexus?

Hours after word of a CDMA Nexus passing through the FCC, NeoWin tells us that “according to sources familiar with the matter,” Nexus One will launch on Verizon’s network on March 23rd, and pricing will be competitive. With the 2.1 update headed for Motorola’s Droid, I’d say that Big Red is about to take Android over the top. Get ready for more local news… Read more

N1: Multi-colored trackball and custom Live Wallpapers

I don’t follow the cooking community closely enough to know about every ROM that’s released, and definitely not closely enough to know about each hack included, but I stumbled across a couple of things today that I thought were worth mentioning. One is the video after the break, which features a Nexus One with some hacked-in settings that allow the user to… Read more

Swype for Nexus One easily accessible

Making things easy for our readers is something we strive for here at DroidDog, and in that vein, we wanted to give you a quick heads up about getting the Swype keyboard for your Nexus One. By now, you’ve probably at least heard about Swype in some way or another, but just in case you haven’t, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the features. First and… Read more

Google Earth released to Market, 2.1 users only

When Google announced the Nexus One, one of the main things they wanted to show was Google Earth running seamlessly on the device. They took viewers through a couple different places, showing the previously desktop-only application working like a charm on their handset. It was a great demo, and it really did a wonderful job of showing just how powerful the… Read more

Nexus One: How Google is laying out the groundwork

This article is part two of: What does the Nexus One update means for the future of Android? A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how OEMs and carriers have made a mess of the Android OS firmware updating process, and how the Nexus One is Google’s way of taking back control while also minimizing fragmentation. In this article I’ll talk about how Google… Read more

Google releases Google Shopper

The guys from Big in Japan (creators of ShopSavvy) must be checking their blood pressure right about now. Google just released Google Shopper for Android. The application can be used to quickly find products using voice search, pictures, bar codes or regular text search. The app is a mix between Barcode Scanner, ShopSavvy, Google Goggles, and Google Product… Read more