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Sony Ericsson said no when it came to building Nexus One

This may be the craziest thing we’ve heard all day, but maybe you’ve had a busier day than us, so you might not be that shocked. It looks like Sony Ericsson was approached by Google at some point, before they went to HTC, to build what we all know today as the Nexus One. And obviously you know the outcome of those talks. They turned it down. Strange, right?… Read more

Google prepares Flash player for standard Android

One of the highlights of Sense UI gracing the Android Operating System, was HTC’s decision to include Flash player capabilities within the browser. Of course, as most things are, it was met with all sorts of reviews: some saying the idea and implementation was great, to others saying they wish it never would have happened. Well, hopefully your personal… Read more

Overclocking Nexus One to 1.1 GHz

Here Andrew takes a quick look at overclocking the Nexus One past the 1 GHz mark. For directions on how to do this go to the thread over at xda-developers and download the files from there. Anything you do to your phone is done at your own risk! These processes are risky and there is always a chance that you could render your device unusable, without… Read more

TED attendees get free Nexus Ones

Google must be under the impression that some of the brightest minds in the world want to get their hands on their latest handset, the Nexus One. And, just to make sure that everyone is on the same boat with that thought process, they’ve gone ahead and provided free handsets to the attendees of TED over the last few days. The Nexus One is definitely worthy… Read more

Google acquires Aardvark, drops it in the lab

Aardvark facilitates a method of searching for answers amongst a userbase of people who have associated themselves with tags that reference certain topics of expertise. Let’s say you ask, “How do I set up push email in Android?” It will be sent to someone who has indicated that they want to answer Android questions. What sets this system apart from… Read more

You can now call Google for your Nexus One problems

It seems Google is on a vendetta against all Nexus One troubles. They fixed the 3G issues last week, yesterday they slashed the ETF by 200 bucks and now they have an actual phone number people can call for customer support. That’s definitely a first for Google. You can call them at 1-888-48-NEXUS (63987), available from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (EST)…. Read more

Nexus One ETF slashed to 150$

Well apparently Google has made a commitment to fix everything that’s wrong with the Nexus One.  The latest evidence of this is that they’ve dropped the 350$ ETF (Early Termination Fee) by 200 bucks, bring it down to 150$. However, you still have to pay T-Mobile a 200 dollars fee if you cancel your contract early. At least now it’s on par with the… Read more

Nexus One OTA Update Brings Multi-Touch

A lot of folks went and grabbed the update online and installed manually. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. And when something does happen, I turn on my camera. So here’s a video of me hitting a button, waiting a long time, and then testing pinch-to-zoom in the stock browser, gallery, and in Google Maps version 3.4. I threw in a little… Read more

Multi-Touch Maps for Motorola’s Droid


I welcomed an update for my Nexus One last night with open arms, as it brought pinch-and-zoom functionality to Maps and the stock browser and gallery apps. I filmed the update for the obsessively curious and will post later today. But if you’re a Droid user, there’s no need to wait for that multi-touch jazz. Go download Google Maps v. 3.4 from the Market… Read more