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New Nexus One snaps

The Google Phone is now being called Nexus One – a reference to the Sci-Fi classic, Blade Runner. But most top bloggers whose coverage I’ve read are certain that won’t be the final retail brand. What’s really interesting to me at this point is the speculation about whether the Nexus One, Passion, Dragon, and possibly even Bravo are or are not the same basic… Read more

Google Phone in hands of employees

Yesterday, Google held a celebration. There were fireworks, there were revelations, there were phones. Google Phones, that is – unlocked Google Phones. They were handed out to attendies and the word is that we will be seeing them on shelves (virtual or otherwise) this January. However, with so many out in the wild I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos and video… Read more

ADC 2 winners announced

I was a little put off by the round of user voting for the second Android Developer Challenge. I liked the idea, but I couldn’t believe the quality (or lack thereof) of the apps I was voting on. I became bored quickly and kind of ignored the process thereafter. But that was just round 1 and Google didn’t slouch on picking the winners. The winners are no… Read more

GooglePhone GooglePhone GooglePhone

Well, saying it three times fast didn’t make one appear in front of me, but it seems that the various rumors – despite official debunkings – persist amongst rather respectable publications. Perhaps there was a loophole in Andy Rubin’s official response to the allegations, “We’re not making hardware…We’re enabling other people to build hardware.”… Read more