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Huawei Fusion for AT&T now available as a GoPhone

The Huawei Fusion has actually seen the light of day on another carrier, thanks to T-Mobile. It’s also been known as an entirely different name, being sold on the Magenta carrier as the Sonic. But now it is finally available for AT&T’s network, with a different name, but nothing much else has changed. The Huawei Fusion features a 3.5-inch HVGA… Read more

AT&T Avail from ZTE officially announced

Late last night, AT&T pulled the curtain off several new devices. This handset in particular is manufactured by ZTE, but AT&T has decided to put their name right up front. The Avail is being added to AT&T’s GoPhone pre-paid service, and while it may not look like much, it’l get the job done when it needs to for those looking for a cheap, Gingerbread… Read more