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Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus for SFR France set to receive Android 4.0.5 by March

An image released by SFR France suggests that owners of the GSM Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, along with the Nexus S, will be receiving an update to Android 4.0.5 by some time in March. The carrier is already talking about future updates, laying it out in a nice table for owners to take a gander at. There isn’t an exact date quite yet, but March is the month… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon no longer listed on Google’s dev support pages [Update]

This is an interesting turn of events, if you ask us. While the Google Wallet situation between Google and Verizon seemed to delay the launch of the device back in December, it seemed to have died down after the official launch. But now it looks like it may be the reason why there’s a huge change of events happening over at Google’s developer support… Read more

HTC Rezound features a hidden GSM radio

Verizon currently doesn’t advertise their Rezound as a global roaming capable phone, but it looks to be that the phone has all the necessary components. A user on XDA has discovered a way to enable the GSM by turning off LTE and then using the SIM card slot for a GSM card. A new global option was available, but it took a little hacking to get data and… Read more

UPDATE: GSM Google Nexus S gets manual update to Android 4.0.3

News that the Google Nexus S would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich hit blogs everywhere earlier today. Unfortunately, details were thin and everything was up in the air. Now, nothing is left to the imagination because the package is available for download and manual update. Yes, though usually, releases lag behind promised dates, the month waiting period… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

We are going to handle this review a little differently. We are still going to go over the basic points, like hardware and software, but we’re going to take this more in the vein of a consumer using the device, rather than a reviewer just reviewing a piece of hardware and software. This is the first Android 4.0 phone out there, and so we think that it… Read more

Return of The Chin

If you’re fond enough of the GSM Hero to consider importing it from Europe only to settle for EDGE speeds, then the small task of grabbing one from Canada to unlock and run on AT&T’s 3G network is practically a gimme. The GSM Hero is coming to Telus, and with it comes the instantly classic design that you and I fell in love with last June. Check out… Read more

O.K., so you *can* use home replacements on Hero

I’ve had some people contact me to point out errors in my video, “Your Sprint HTC Hero questions answered – part 2.” Among them are links to photos of Hero(es) featuring “with Google” branding on the back (which I haven’t been able to get solid information on but will keep trying), testimonials of saving images from the browser via long-press (just how… Read more