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Samsung Galaxy S III User Manual Leaks Out, Gives You Plenty Of Reading Material Before Launch

Looking for some brand new reading material? How about the Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 user manual chock full of hints, tips and instructions? Of course, if you’ve already decided that the Galaxy S III will be yours, then the user manual is just something to hold you over until you can plop down the credit card and tell someone to take your money. At… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Dresses Up For FCC In AT&T Clothes

At this point we’re beginning to see little doubt for a full spread of national carrier launches in the US for the Galaxy S III. So it makes sense when we spot the phone making a pit stop through the halls of the FCC wearing AT&T’s HSPA+ bands. Except, there is no pentaband connectivity here allowing for T-Mobile frequencies nor any sign of LTE…. Read more

Samsung GT-i9300 reportedly photographed in the wild

Right now, it is believed that the GT-i9300 is the Galaxy S III. It is believed that is the case, because it falls in line with the model numbers of previous Galaxy S devices. The first Galaxy S was the GT-i900, while the Galaxy S II was the GT-i9100. So, with a new report from Phone Arena saying that the photo you’re looking at above is of the GT-i9300,… Read more