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Samsung Nexus S 4G for Sprint receives Android 4.0.4 leak, still waiting for official update

Late last week, Google officially started rolling out the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0.4. Unfortunately, it didn’t include every Nexus device out there. While owners of the GSM-based Nexus S, the GSM-based Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola XOOM WiFi are happily using the newest update, the CDMA owners of the Nexus S and Galaxy… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket for AT&T see early leak of Ice Cream Sandwich

Owners of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket, both by Samsung, know that they will be receiving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at some point this year. Not only does the hardware in each device support that, but AT&T has also confirmed that the software update is indeed coming down the pipe for each handset. But for those of you out there who don’t… Read more

HTC One X gets rooted

Despite the fact that regular consumers can’t get their hands on the One X by HTC quite yet, that hasn’t stopped some intrepid individuals out there from managing to gain root access before retail availability. Things like this have happened in the past, so it’s not all that uncommon or shocking. More than anything, it’s a good sign that the development… Read more

Samsung Nexus S receives Android 4.0 and Sense 4 custom ROM

Right now, as it stands this very minute, Sprint and Google have yet to officially release Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S by Samsung. Yes, there are ports, and yes, there are custom ROMs that probably work just as well as the “official” build will, whenever it’s launched. But, if you’re looking for the real deal, it isn’t quite here yet. And… Read more

HTC Dream has bootloader unlocked courtesy of HTCDev

While there are some new phones out there that many people would like to see added to HTCDev’s list of devices that can have their bootloader unlocked, HTC is making sure that they cover all their bases. And what better way to do that than by adding a device that no one out there is probably using all that much anymore. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen,… Read more

Beats Audio ported to non-HTC devices

Recently, HTC released the API for Beats Audio, which would allow developers to bring the technology to HTC-branded devices that previously weren’t rocking the feature, as well as expand the functionality on handsets that were using it. However, no one should be surprised that developers have also managed to port the technology to other handsets,… Read more

HTC releases Beats Audio API for developers

There were plenty of devices that launched late last year to offer up Beats Audio Technology, the result of a deal that HTC created in 2011. But, while Beats Audio is a great idea in theory, as it is definitely a feature that stands out amongst the Android crowd, it wasn’t exactly what people thought it was. In fact, the “feature” only worked in the stock… Read more