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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is possibly the perfect size for a tablet, but the one thing it is missing at the moment is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We know that Samsung is planning on officially bringing the latest version of Android to the tablet in the (near?) future, but obviously waiting isn’t in the best interest of some people out there. Thanks to… Read more

Motorola XOOM gets unofficial port of Android 4.0.3

If you’ve got yourself a Motorola XOOM, then you know that updates to the device haven’t necessarily been the quickest. But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting the latest and greatest updates for your device “unofficially,” then we’ve got some good news for you this morning. There’s an unofficial port of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich running… Read more

Motorola DROID RAZR gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

While the DROID Bionic receiving a major software update is good news for owners out there, many of you probably moved onto bigger and thinner things, like the DROID RAZR. And while we know that Motorola is planning on officially bringing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the thin 4G LTE phone sometime next year, waiting is a hard thing to do. While the ROM… Read more

HTC EVO Design 4G added to HTCDev.com

Within the Android community, the developers and (growing) modification community have been quite fervent on their need for unlocked phones. Not carrier unlocked, either, but to have perfectly open devices so that after they purchase them they can truly customize them. We’ve seen custom ROMs since the start of Android, and manufacturers like HTC at least… Read more

Obiwan222222 uses network streaming to play Nintendo Wii game on Android tablet

There are all sorts of ways to mod your device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet. And there are different levels of modding — you can go crazy with it, or you can do about as little as you want. The results will vary, obviously, but usually it’s always something worthwhile. In this case, from minimalist modder Obiwan222222, has managed to make Nintendo Wii… Read more

HTC Flyer gets the Honeycomb treatment, unofficially

While the HTC Flyer may still be rocking the phone-version of Android, that’s obviously not going to stop some developers out there from porting the Honeycomb-laced version of the software, which recently launched for the HTC Jetstream, onto the original device. Lucky for us, the first screenshots of the software running on the smaller tablet have finally… Read more