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1-Click App Roots & Unlocks Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3

Last night, we told you about XDA’s bootloader unlocking of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy 3.  Tonight, we bring you even better news: developers at RootzWiki have added an app to the Google Play Store which roots and unlocks the phone in one click.  As the description of VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) states:  “It doesn’t get much easier than this… Read more

N2A makes Nook Color hacking easy

N2A (formerly Nook2Android) is a CyanogenMod Gingerbread installation that runs via an image that is sold on microSD cards. No software installation is required. Simply boot from one of the cards, follow a few simple steps, and your Nook Color will run as a complete Android tablet, Market access and all. When you’re ready to jump back to the device’s… Read more