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First CyanogenMod Theme Chooser theme lands in the Market

Just last week, I spent some time going over CyanogenMod’s new T-Mobile Theme Chooser in our weekly segment, Root Reviews. Since doing the review, a lot has changed; There are more effects for each theme, more things are colored, and most importantly, themes are starting to flow into the Market. Launched just a short time ago, Kmobs of TeamDouche… Read more

NOOKcolor overclocked to 1.1GHz

B&N’s e-reader, the NOOKcolor, has been hacked and modded so much, calling it anything less than a full fledged tablet just isn’t right. In the most recent breakthrough with the NOOKcolor, xda-developers member dalingrin has made a Clockwork flashable kernel that puts the NC’s operating frequency at roughly 1.1GHz and stable. Early numbers out of the… Read more

Sprint Galaxy Tab overclocked to 1.2GHz

As the Galaxy Tab was the first readily available Android based tablet to hit all four major carriers in the US, community support was expected to be excellent with the device. Traditionally, most Android firsts have done really well with the hacking and modding community. The G1 still sees updates and new ROMs every now and then, the Motorola DROID is… Read more

Samsung Fascinate lands software update

The Samsung Fascinate (review) has a new 2.1 based software update ready to go, and (surprise surprise) it’s already been leaked online, waiting for eager modders to get their flash on. DL09, as it’s being lovingly referred to, features several new enhancements and improvements: Enhancements: + Updated versions of preloaded applications, including V… Read more

Nexus S gets the overclock treatment

Thanks to a little kernel magic from Team Whiskey’s morfic, the Nexus S is now running at 1.3GHz stable. This isn’t the first time Samsung’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor has received the overlcock treatment, devices like the Samsung Vibrant have been OC’ed and lag-fixed to no end. Team Whiskey has long been making ROMs and kernels for Samsung devices,… Read more

HTC HD2 now running native Android

The HTC HD2 has come a long way to get to this point, as turning a Windows Mobile 6.5 device into an Android device is no easy task. For the longest time now, hackers and modders have been running various Android builds on the HD2 by way of SD card installation. Essentially, you’d boot into Windows, run a program, and Android would start up. There’s plenty… Read more

Galaxy S GPS fix not for the faint of heart

Galaxy S owners, I feel your pain. In the brief time that I owned a Vibrant I must have pulled over half a dozen times to wait for my GPS connection, having typed in an address and pulled out of the lot expecting the kind of response I had become accustomed to on other Androids. But as you know it’s not uncommon to wait 5 minutes for one of Sammy’s… Read more

Motoblur 3.0 leaked for DROID 2

Moto’s Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro already have the OEM’s latest version of their custom Android UI, MotoBlur, but original Droid 2 owners are still hanging in the breeze waiting for an official release. Thankfully, a flashable zip has been posted over at the mydroidworld forums that will bring the updated, 2.2-based Blur over to the Droid 2. As… Read more

Gingerbread source code available now

It was just a couple days ago when we told you that Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru, software engineer at Google, tweeted out some open ended details on the release of Gingerbread’s source code into the Android Open Source Project. He said the code would be pushed out soon after the Nexus S ships, and sure enough, you’ll find that the code is hitting the… Read more