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Verizon’s Galaxy SIII gains global roaming workaround

For Verizon customers traveling abroad, Big Red’s Galaxy S III becomes nothing more than a glorified media player, as it’s cell phone capabilities are rendered useless. Prior to the phone’s launch, Verizon had promised it’s customers that global roaming would be enabled at some point in the future via an OTA update. Now a month into the phone’s release… Read more

Koush Shows Off Some New ClockworkMod v6 Features

If you’re not familiar with ClockworkMod, or CWM, it’s probably because you’re not rooting and modding your Android device.  That’s okay, I respect that.  But what it is, it’s basically the pseudo-default custom recovery for the Android world.  Through the custom recovery, you can perform several important functions such as backing up your device,… Read more

CM7 Boots Up on the Amazon Kindle Fire

It’s a documented fact that Android tablets haven’t been doing too well in the tablet space. The Nook Color has been considered the most succesfull Android tablet just because it’s low price tag makes it a dream for the hacking community. The Kindle Fire brings an even lower price tag than the Nook Color (and Nook Tablet), plus some updated specs. This… Read more

HTC EVO Design 4G added to HTCDev.com

Within the Android community, the developers and (growing) modification community have been quite fervent on their need for unlocked phones. Not carrier unlocked, either, but to have perfectly open devices so that after they purchase them they can truly customize them. We’ve seen custom ROMs since the start of Android, and manufacturers like HTC at least… Read more