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CyanogenMod 9 Gets an Alpha Build for the Nexus S

The most popular ROM right now is CyanogenMod 7, which is based off AOSP Gingerbread. Many people are awaiting CM9 which will be based off AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich. You might be wondering why it’s called CM9 and not CM4 since ICS is Android 4.0. CM naming is based on how many versions of Android there have been. Although ICS is Android 4.0 it’s the 9th… Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Ports Come to a Plethora of Devices

Whenever a new version of Android is announced the community gets very excited for ports to start popping up for their devices. One of the great things about the Android community is that you can always run the latest and greatest software without buying the latest and greatest device. Since ICS went open source a few weeks ago devs have been hard at… Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to the Original Galaxy Tab

Android’s first Google blessed tablet did have the best success. The original Tab was kinda chunky, only had a 7″ screen, and ran a glorified phone OS. But it quickly dropped in price, and became a good device for the dev community. Many tried to get Honeycomb on the Tab, but it was a difficult task without Google open-sourcing the code. All that has… Read more

The HTC HD2 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Before Verizon

Trivia time: what phone can Android 2.2, 2.3, Windows Phone NoDo/Mango, MeeGo, Maemo, and now Ice Cream Sandwich? The correct answer is the HTC HD2, a phone released way back in 2009 with Windows Mobile 6.5. Even though it launched with lackluster software it was very popular because of it’s great hardware. The HD2 was one of the first phones with a… Read more

HTC Flyer gets the Honeycomb treatment, unofficially

While the HTC Flyer may still be rocking the phone-version of Android, that’s obviously not going to stop some developers out there from porting the Honeycomb-laced version of the software, which recently launched for the HTC Jetstream, onto the original device. Lucky for us, the first screenshots of the software running on the smaller tablet have finally… Read more

ROM Review: Cyanogen Mod 7

Of the many ROMs out there, CyanogenMod is the most popular. What makes it so unique and prominent is the fact that it runs stock Android, with a few added features that most find enhance the experience. Now, not everything about it is stock. For instance, it runs ADW as it’s main home launcher. But most find it to be about as pure as it… Read more

Motorola DROID Bionic already rooted

While the Motorola DROID Bionic may not actually be available for purchase quite yet (it will be soon), that’s not stopping some intrepid developers out there from making sure that all of the bases are covered for when the device does launch. As the title suggests, the DROID Bionic has made its way to the “rooted” pile, which should make plenty of people… Read more

CyanogenMod 7 boots on HP TouchPad, but that’s about it

There’s a lot of attention on the HP TouchPad right now, probably even more than there was a week after its launch. Sure, that $99 fire sale had something to do with it, but now the attention is on the Android (and probably a few members of the webOS) modding community, as they try to boot a working port of Android onto the tablet device from HP. We know… Read more

HP TouchPad running Android 2.2 lands on eBay

All of this excitement over Android getting ported to the HP TouchPad has gotten a little out of hand, but considering the low, low price for the webOS-powered tablet, it’s not too surprising. After the initial fire sale from HP, people clamoring to get their hands on a TouchPad seem wholly interested in making sure that they get a nice tablet to tinker… Read more