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AT&T Blocks Google’s Hangout App For Android On Mobile Data

Yesterday at Google I/O, Google announced the new Hangouts. This was a service that replaces Google Talk and the old Hangouts, combining standard chat and video chat into one. It has many new features, like chat history and many more. However, there seems to be a new problem that has nothing to do with Google itself: AT&T is blocking video chatting on… Read more

Google Hangouts Is Available To Use Now!

If you haven’t already heard, Google announced its unified chat service that we’ve been hearing about for a while.  Hangouts will bring together all the different Google services such as Gmail, Google+, iOS, Android and Chrome. You will be able to save your chat history, send emoji icons, photos and make video calls. Hangouts will replace Google… Read more

(Updated: Now Available) Google Introduces Hangouts, Unified Chat Service Available Later Today

Update: It’s alive! Chrome Extension Google announces what we’ve all been expecting, Hangouts, a unified chat service that allows you to have conversations between iOS, Android and Internet. Hangouts will support multimedia messaging, text, photos and video conversations all synced between mobile, desktop and the web. Hangouts will be available… Read more

Google Adds Remote Desktop Control To Hangouts

Going to someone’s house just to fix their desktop being rotated 90 degrees isn’t easy or convenient. Sometimes you want to do it from your own home. And using programs like LogMeIn (which I have used in the past) isn’t always the easiest ordeal, especially the first time. Well Google has updated Hangouts with a remote desktop feature! If you want… Read more

Babble May Be Google’s Unified Chat Service

Google’s messaging services may all be good in their own way, but they’re a mess. Google Talk is light and quick, but far too barebones. It is not the texting replacement iMessage or BBM do well as. Google Hangouts for video messaging are just awesome, and work better than anything I have ever tried. Then there is Google+ chat and many other services… Read more

Google+ Hangouts bridges hardware limitations to bring people closer together

Let’s take a second to talk about that big elephant in the room, Google+. Of course, we all know that Google+ has been getting heat for not providing nearly the encyclopedic list of features that the “other” social networking site has (Facebook of course), but can’t we talk about what it’s doing right for a second? In any case, for those that don’t know,… Read more

Google+ Hangouts Now Supports Voice Calls

Google is obviously very invested in Google+ right now, and one of the ways they are trying to push it is with Hangouts. Last week they showcased Hangouts in a video for the Galaxy Nexus, and also in a TV commercial during the Lions/Packers Thanksgiving Day game. Now they’re introducing another feature to hopefully pull in more users: voice… Read more