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LG Optimus 2X 1080p HD video capture sample

There’s no doubt theat LG’s dual core, Tegra 2 Android monster, the Optimus 2X, is a powerful device. We’ve known since before the official announcement in December that LG was looking to max out the specs on the gadget for a more future proof launch. Which, by the way, should be announced by T-Mobile very soon. The world’s first Tegra 2 dual core smart… Read more

ODROID playing HD video and emulating SNES

Well, this ugly ducking looks a lot better in a dark room; not only because it causes you to focus on the television screen, but because you can see the device, used as a controller, lighting up! Cool. HD video playing looks pretty good, but I wish ODROID represented a more significant step forward in the Android gaming department. Still, it looks like some… Read more