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Samsung & LG Expected To Offer 1080p HD Handsets In Early 2013

1080p HD displays have been in the works for what seems like forever. Chinese company Oppo was the first official manufacturer to announce a 1080p device, however, the major players in the industry are making it a point to not be left behind. According to Korea’s MK News, word from its industry sources this morning, are that both Samsung and LG are… Read more

[Deal] DROID RAZR MAXX HD For $199, RAZR HD For $149

Amazon is having a massive sale on the RAZR HD series of phones, knocking a whole $100 off of the RAZR MAXX HD. The day after it comes out, and it’s already 1/3 off. Down from $299, the RAZR MAXX HD is now only $199. The standard RAZR HD has been dropped from $199 to $149, so the high end phone is quite cheap right now. And the best part? All of these… Read more

[Dangerous] Would You Like Better Battery Life On The Atrix HD? Stick a RAZR MAXX Battery In It

This is an interesting mod, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t have all that much documentation on it. The person who performed the mod did not take photos of the procedure, but only described it afterwards. But in the end, he got a 3,300 mAh battery into a Motorola Atrix HD body, without any extensions or custom battery covers. This nearly doubled the… Read more

Verizon Announces DROID RAZR HD And MAXX For 10/18

Verizon has officially announced the release date of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and its thicker brother, the RAZR MAXX HD. They say it’s coming October 18th, the same day it was rumored to launch. To refresh your memory, the DROID RAZR HD is a 4.7″ device with a 720p display a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, an 8MP camera, and it’s… Read more

Barnes & Noble Releases Nook HD 7″ And 9″ Tablets

Amazon has just refreshed their Kindle Fire line, so it was expected for Barnes & Noble to react accordingly. And they did, and in a pretty shocking way. They’ve announced two new tablets with some surprisingly fantastic specs and prices. And two important notes: Kindles don’t come with wall charges, while Nooks do, and most importantly, none of the… Read more

[UPDATE] Kindle Fire HD 7-Inch Already Rooted!

It’s official: The Kindle Fire HD 7″ has been rooted! No details, procedures, or downloads are up yet, but they will soon! It’s just exciting to see some gaining root so fast, on a fairly locked down device. Stay tuned, we will bring you the details as soon as they come! Do this at your own risk. This could be a dangerous procedure, and we are not… Read more

A Few Of The New Amazon Kindles Now Available

Three new Kindles have launched today. First one is the Kindle Reader, selling for $69. The next one is the revamped Kindle Fire, with double the RAM, a faster processor (probably overclocked), and a bigger battery. It’s only $159. Of course, probably the most important Kindle released today is the Kindle Fire HD 7″. With a 1280×800 7 inch display,… Read more

Amazon Says They Are Working On An Opt-Out For Kindle Fire Ads

Yesterday we reported that there will be ads in all Kindle Fire models, with no way to opt out. Well Amazon decided to clarify that there will be a way to opt out, though they don’t know how just yet. They haven’t stated a method to do so, but it will be “announced soon.” It’ll probably be a flat fee, and something ridiculous most likely. Seeing as the… Read more