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First Photos Of Verizon DROID RAZR HD

This is supposedly the new DROID RAZR HD, caught in photos by someone who blurs out his fingers in fear of getting caught (it made me chuckle a bit). This does look like a pretty legitimate product, with the back seemingly full Kevlar instead of that patch the RAZR had. It also gets rid of the iconic bump the RAZR, DROID X and X2 had, and I’m really glad…. Read more

LG Nitro HD Gets ICS Leak Thanks To DesignGears

The LG Nitro HD has gotten its first Ice Cream Sandwich leak! If that isn’t surprising enough, LG has not only decided to upgrade this phone to ICS, but also to upgrade LG UI to their new 3.0 version. This is very unique, as both HTC and Samsung upgrade their phones but keep the version of Sense or TouchWiz the same, saving the new versions for new… Read more

LG Optimus 4X HD Hits The FCC, AT&T Compatible Bands And All

As LG prepares to launch the Optimus 4X HD, they need to make sure that the phone can even make it into certain markets. In the US, that’s where the FCC comes in, and it’s no different with the 4X HD. The handset just passed through our fine Federal Communication Commission, bringing with it AT&T compatible 850/1900MHz 3G bands. This means the phone can be… Read more

Samsung Says PenTile Helps Your Loved Ones (Phones) Live Longer

When the Galaxy SIII was announced, many were disappointed that the Super AMOLED HD screen being used was still using the PenTile matrix layout. However, it may actually be a very good thing. Samsung has stated that AMOLED screens using the PenTile matrix last longer than AMOLED screens using the standard RGB stripe layout. With AMOLED technology,… Read more

AT&T Cancels Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD Launch, Basically Confirms Galaxy SIII Without Confirming Galaxy SIII

Samsung’s Ryan Bidan has stated today that the Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD, announced at CES for AT&T, has been cancelled. He explained that with the Galaxy SIII announcement, it would leave the phone “orphaned” in AT&T’s lineup. He has a point too; why would anyone buy a Galaxy SII with a 720p screen if they can soon get a Galaxy SIII with the same screen… Read more

LG Girl Gives Summary And Demonstration Of The LG Optimus 4X HD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs6gaQCmTHc The LG Girl is back with a demo of the LG Optimus 4X HD! WARNING: The video contains really cheesy attempts at humor. She starts off by touting the processor’s strength. The 4X HD uses a Tegra 3 4+1 processor, and she says that it’s used to achieve great battery life. A few cool features added to the 4X are a… Read more

Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Review [Video]

While we’re big fans of Google Chrome for Android here at DroidDog, there’s no doubt there are some excellent third party alternatives to the mobile browsers Google offers. Dolphin Browser HD is one of this options. With its recent update to version 8.0.0, Dolphin Browser is smooth, fast and functional as ever. Enjoy the video… Read more

Samsung Nexus Prime reportedly poses for the camera

While we’re not going to say that this is the best image we could have possibly seen being passed around the Internet of the much-hyped Samsung Nexus Prime, we have to say it’s better than nothing. And, at least a little bit, it does seem to confirm the earlier rumors that with the Ice Cream Sandwich update, the physical button would be tossed to the side…. Read more