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GameStick Is An Android Gaming Console Gone Portable

Android-powered home gaming consoles have exploded in popularity recently, starting with the OUYA. However, not all Android consoles are equal. OUYA serves its purpose as an always connected Android console that plays games with a big, ergonomic controller and a fairly powerful Tegra 3 chip inside. The GameStick serves a whole different purpose, and… Read more

Nexus 4 Supports Display Tethering Through MicroUSB Via SlimPort

Android 4.2 may support Miracast, but those looking for a more traditional method of putting their content on the big screen needn’t look farther than the Analogix-made SlimPort. Plugging into the devices MicroUSB port, SlimPort shares the Nexus’ screen with any HDMI-compatible device. That’s right, it’s essentially a MicroUSB-to-HDMI adapter, and the… Read more