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Espresso profile looks real enough

Before I say anything else I need to clarify that the photo above is NOT REAL. It came from Tweakers.net where an HTC phone profile on Espresso was recently posted (also seen at Allaboutphones). What could be real is the profile of the phone, the existence of which was leaked in that list of HTC devices I wrote about the other day (next photo). Would… Read more

Unlocked Hero with US 3G for sale / headed for AT&T?

Check out this page over at Negri Electronics where they’re offering up unlocked Heroes for $579.50. Why are these any different than the phones you can import from Europe? These NAM (North American)Heroes are capable of 3G on AT&T. And it’s just rumor at this point but if you like rumors, try this one on for size: the Hero is apparently headed for AT&T… Read more

At least one Hero is running Android 2.1. What about you?

A couple of days ago, Engadget posted some leaked screenshots of a Hero running Android 2.1 (shown with altered watermark below). Which, of course, caused a collective sigh of relief for current Hero owners who have been wondering when – if ever – they would see Google Navigation. But what about the rest of us? Not all of us are desperately in need of… Read more

Official (?) changelog for Hero OTA update

I’ve been getting reports since my first post about this, and all but a few people (so far) are claiming that the SMS sleep/battery issue is fixed. It is not listed in the changelog as posted by a Sprint Community admin though: A software update is available for the HTC Hero. You can initiate the update from the Settings, About Phone, System… Read more

Sprint Hero OTA update

It’s rolling out and the reports are rolling in, and so far, it’s looking good. What is the “it,” you ask? The Hero updage that Engadget Mobile told us about a few days ago. The number one improvement I’m hearing about to far is a fix for the SMS glitch that was draining your batteries at far too rapid a rate. Some are claiming performance improvements… Read more

Hero and Moment holiday deals

If the race to unload Verizon’s Google-powered merch for the lowest price possible – like free – didn’t have you waffling about where to get your next Android, this might: Best Buy is selling Sprint’s Hero and Moment for $99 with instant rebates on a two-year contract. Tell me the Behold II doesn’t look like a rip off right about now. The deal lasts… Read more

Sprint’s Hero has been rooted

As is the case with all hacks/mods/unsupported tweaks, I can’t recommend doing this. It’s quite possible that during the process of rooting one could damage their phone beyond the point of repair. This is usually an out-of-warranty situation and HTC can charge you a small fortune for a new motherboard. That said, the CDMA Hero has been rooted. I… Read more

Return of The Chin

If you’re fond enough of the GSM Hero to consider importing it from Europe only to settle for EDGE speeds, then the small task of grabbing one from Canada to unlock and run on AT&T’s 3G network is practically a gimme. The GSM Hero is coming to Telus, and with it comes the instantly classic design that you and I fell in love with last June. Check out… Read more

Sprint updates

We recently learned that HTC would be skipping the 1.6 update for European Hero owners; bringing them straight from 1.5 to 2.0. Now, Gearlog reports that Sprint is working on upgrades for the HTC Hero and Samsung moment, among some other cool things that may or may not include an Android with a built-in Mi-Fi-esque router. There’s no word on a time… Read more

Sprint HTC Hero camera review

I heard from a lot of people who were frustrated by the camera coverage (or lack of it) from other Hero reviewers, so here’s what I hope is an in-depth review. The first video is me walking through the camera software. Below it are sample photos and videos from Hero. Other than switching video resolutions to show each of the available options, I left all… Read more