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Official Twitter App Updated, This Time With Action Overflow

Yes, the day has finally come. Recently, the official Twitter for Android app was updated with the Holo UI. However, it was missing one big thing: an action overflow button, better known as a menu button at the top. This meant that settings were only accessible in the last tab on every device, and HTC users had to suffer through having a giant black… Read more

Twitter Update Fixes “Me” Tab Continuous Loading Bug

Twitter’s recent Holo-inducing UI update for Android was met with both happiness and at least one notable hiccup. with “Me” tab and it’s continuous “loading.” Well, good news as the fine folks at Twitter have seen fit to issue a quick update to “fix ‘Me’ tab loading issues.” Happy happy joy joy. Twitter’s newly redesign Holo-ui was a good step in the… Read more

Official Twitter App Updated, Gets Holo UI Treatment

The official Twitter app, the only one usable by a lot of people at once, has been updated today, and it’s a big update. Something all Android fans should be happy about is that Twitter now follows Holo UI standards! You can now swipe through the tabs and the whole UI is now a lot more flat. I won’t lie, it looks good. It just shows how versatile Holo… Read more