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Video: Motorola tablet running Honeycomb and Maps 5.0

Andy Rubin let loose some great information on upcoming products at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile conference last night. During his interview, he whipped out a dual-core Motorola tablet with NVidia 3D (no name was given, though Stingray seems a likely bet) and it was running Honeycomb, the next major Android release. Rubin used the slick tablet–sans… Read more

Gingerbread, then Honeycomb

Yes, a lot of people have guessed that the next iteration of Android – after Gingerbread, that is, which most are pinning at version 3.0 – would be called (the registered trademark) Häagen-Dazs. I guess that was just as likely as Hazelnut Hotcakes or Honeypot, but TechRadar has word that the post-GB release of Google’s OS will be referred to as Honeycomb…. Read more