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Meg Whitman thinks Android will become closed-source, would Google ever let that happen?

Almost two years ago HP bought Palm, the creators of the webOS. They had big plans, like adding the software to all of their computers, and even putting it onto printers. Things didn’t unfold like they originally planned. They decided to throw it in for the project, and webOS was no more. A few months later, it was announced that the OS would go open… Read more

HP’s CEO thinks that Google’s acquisition of Motorola will lead to a closed-source Android

Earlier today HP’s CEO Meg Whitman appeared at the HP Global Partner Conference, and she brought some words of the phone market. For those unfamiliar, HP open-sourced the dead webOS, and is now hoping that it will gain some traction. Whitman thinks that webOS will once again have a place in the phone market within the next 2-5 years, and thinks it may even… Read more

HP sells more tablets than Samsung

While Samsung seems to perpetually be in the spotlight these days with new phones, tablets, and things-that-are-phones-AND-tablets, news hits the community of a surprising statistic from an unlikely champion, HP. Recent news of webOS’ demise and instability in the company really left most wondering where the computer manufacturer would go from here. Well,… Read more

CyanogenMod 7 boots on HP TouchPad, but that’s about it

There’s a lot of attention on the HP TouchPad right now, probably even more than there was a week after its launch. Sure, that $99 fire sale had something to do with it, but now the attention is on the Android (and probably a few members of the webOS) modding community, as they try to boot a working port of Android onto the tablet device from HP. We know… Read more

Some folks working on bringing Android to the HP TouchPad

This last week has been a significant one. While a lot happened, probably some of the biggest news would be the planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, and HP shutting down the webOS hardware development. The latter of which probably doesn’t mean much to those already supporting Google’s Android mobile operating system, but it’s a big shift in… Read more

The Android packing HP AirLife 100

With all the talk about tablets, it’s easy to forget the tablet’s older brother, the netbook.  While netbooks can be a bit more limited on resources, as compared to a full-on laptop, they can offer some amenities that new-fangled tablets can’t…like a keyboard. The HP AirLife 100 offers that and much more.  Our very own Dustin Earley spotted this… Read more

HP Netbook With Android

What have we here, an HP Mini look alike running Android? With a resistive 10 inch touch screen being powered by a Snapdragon? Nice. Not much else is known about this mysterious HP Mini prototype but if it’s running Android call me good to go. You can find a couple more pictures here, as well as video before too long. Via… Read more